Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization

5 Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization

Benefits of conversion rate optimization could be defined as various techniques to increase the percentage of visitors who take a desirable action in your website (buy, sign up etc.). Just like money, how you manage traffic to your website is much more important than the traffic itself.

CRO can change the bottom line of online business dramatically – and often the only investment is that of knowledge applied.

Here are 5 benefits of conversion rate optimization that you’ll get from increasing your conversion rate:

  1. The obvious benefit: earn more money from your existing rankings.
  2. The customers will like your website more, and will probably stay longer.
  3. The other sites will link to your website more often.
  4. The not so obvious benefit: increased revenue will allow you to advertise in different
    media – for instance, affiliate marketing, or print — and thus will make your business more stable. You will no longer depend as much on organic search and the whims of Google algorithm changes.
  5. CRO may give you the edge against the competition – small increases in profit-per-visitor. However, in today’s market, this edge often separates a thriving business from a mediocre one.