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Tracking Web Site Success Like it’s 2016 – the AIDA Framework

In the late 90s, marketers who dabbled with web site marketing had a few things they kept track of.

Hits – the number of times an element (like an image) gets loaded

Views – the number of times pages get loaded for a visitor

Visits – the number of sessions a site has with visitors

Hits are just bad. The number of times your image or script gets loaded has nothing to do with how successful your web site is. (Later, it earned the acronym HITS, which stands for “How Idiots Track Success.”)

Views and visits , some of the only things you could reasonably track back then, fared better. But they’re still not indicative of overall online marketing success.

The problem is, a lot of marketers never moved on from views and visits – essentially tracking web site success like it’s 1998. If views and visits are still some of your biggest metrics (or worse, ONLY metrics) then it’s time for a 2016 overhaul.



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